The system will not allow you to set the price on the course to $0. The minimum price will always be the DigitalChalk delivery fee plus a credit card processing fee.

The way to set an offering so the user does not have to pay during registration is to have the DigitalChalk delivery fees deducted from your account balance. You would accomplish this by performing the following steps:

  • click the Manage Courses tab
  • click on the name of the course
  • click the Edit Offerings sub-category tab
  • click on the name of the offering
  • click the Registration sub-category tab
  • select the Yes radio button for the Use Account Balance option
  • click the Save button

This will allow your users to register for the course at no cost to them, your organization will pay only the DigitalChalk delivery fee. When performing registration in this manner you will not pay the additional credit card processing fee.

Using this option will require that you maintain an account balance for your students to draw from. For information on how to add funds to your account balance Click Here