There is a lot of debate and discussion about what cloud computing is, some people lump every service that is online as a cloud based service. What is generally considered the public cloud are things like Gmail, Google Docs and other similar services. This is not the same as cloud computing or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the context of what DigitalChalk uses to host our application. DigitalChalk has a software as a service offering that provides you, the consumer with a top-down solution that includes security and reliability. We provide much of that security and redundancy in the application itself and also use underlying infrastructure to address it. That underlying infrastructure, in our case Amazon Web Services, is the "cloud computing" part of the equation. The AWS web services are quite mature and have detailed SLA and support attached. The AWS service provides features such VPN security, redundancy of servers and storage across multiple data centers as well as support for the latest encryption. Our servers (and your data) are dedicated resources and exclusive to you, they are not accessible by other organizations.