The course delivery fee is based on your specific organization pricing plan. To see what type of course pricing packages that are available for your organization you can do the following;

  • click the Administration tab
  • click the My Organization system management link
  • click the Plans tab

NOTE:  If you using an element based pricing plan and you exceed the package limitations of your largest billing package you then move into a-la-carte pricing which means that you will pay the course delivery fee plus the cost of each a-la-carte item added to the course
. Contact your DigitalChalk Product Specialist or DigitalChalk Support for additional information on a-la-carte pricing or custom billing packages for your organization.

In addition to your delivery fee we may also collect credit card processing and shopping cart fees. All fees are collected from the student during the time of course registration as these amounts will be deducted from the total payout amount made by the student.