You can personalize your DigitalChalk organization site by using your company logo.
  • Click the Administration tab, then click Themes from the System Management list
  • Click Manage Logo from the Manage Themes list. The Manage Organization Logo window is displayed

  • Click Choose File within the Logo File field.  Your file selection page is displayed. 
  •  Find your logo file, select it, then click the Upload button.  Please note that the file types supported are .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF and the optimum image size is 300 x 75.

  • The new logo is displayed.  If your image is larger than the size allocated for the logo, it is automatically scaled down to fit the space.
  •  Click the Replace or Delete button to change the current logo. If you delete the logo and don't replace it with a new one, the DigitalChalk logo is displayed.