Catalog Rules allow you to create conditions where users within your organization will have the ability to see a limited view of the course offerings available within the Catalog tab.

NOTE: Catalog Rules and the Exclude option for course offerings in many cases work together. If you desire to display all of your course offerings in the catalog by using Catalog Rules you must be sure to set the Exclude option on all course offerings to YES. For additional information about creating course offerings click here.

Click the Administration tab, then the Catalog system management link, then the Add button.

Next, click the Add tab and your desired add condition button to add course offerings to the Catalog. Or, click the Remove tab and your desired remove condition button to remove course offerings from the catalog.

Any condition button you select will offer different options that allow you to establish specific qualifications for which course offerings are displayed (or not displayed) within the Catalog. Each condition button will have a Details and Options tab.
  • Details - On this tab you will name your Catalog Rule and set the qualifying conditions for the rule.
  • Options - On this tab you can set a scheduled time for the rule to run as well as a rule priority.

Click the Save button to save any changes that you have made.